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About Us

Wellness Resources of South Florida was founded by Meredith Feinberg, a yoga instructor, wellness coach, and lifelong athlete.  After selling her yoga studio in Sunny Isles, FL in early 2014, Meredith decided to focus on her private client base, which included a Substance Abuse Detox Center.  This particular job held a special place in her heart, as she was able to see the profound effect a single yoga class had on people who otherwise might not ever explore the practice of yoga.

As word spread in the treatment community, she was inundated with requests to teach at other centers and through this experience, discovered a real need for TRUE holistic programming in this space.  She decided to combine her relationships and reputation for quality at the facilities with her extensive network in the wellness community.  As demand exceeded her ability to provide services, Meredith began training other industry professionals to facilitate groups on her behalf and Wellness Resources of South Florida was born.

As it turns out, Substance Abuse Treatment Centers were just the beginning.  The demand for on-site wellness extended far beyond that small market segment, and the services offered were expanded to meet this need.  Wellness Resources of South Florida now provides wellness at Substance Abuse Treatment Centers, Workplaces, Condominiums, Hotels, and Private Residences.

Meredith continues to lead as many Yoga, Meditation, and Wellness groups herself as possible while also managing the organization.   The passion for sharing the healing powers of health and wellness is contagious, and her desire to help others achieve their goals is limitless.